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Meet Kevinn Matthews

Safety is serious business at WPX. Employees worked 2.9 million hours in 2013 with only 1 lost-time accident. Kevinn Matthews is one of the company’s safety champions.


Join our Next Webcast

WPX plans to discuss 1Q financial and operating results on May 7. The webcast starts at 10 a.m. Eastern.


Proved Reserves Up 5.5%

WPX’s replacement rate for all domestic production last year was 162%. The replacement rate for domestic oil production was even higher: 547%.


oil and gas discoveries

Q2 Canvas Niobrara Gallup 01

WPX’s Niobrara Shale and Gallup Sandstone exploration successes are nominees for Best Discovery in Oil and Gas Investor magazine’s 11th annual Excellence Awards.


Building a Bakken Franchise

WPX has 105 million barrels of proved oil reserves underlying 80,000 net acres in North Dakota. Vice President Bill Stenzel leads the team that’s building our Bakken presence.



WPX plans to spend $580 million to $600 million in North Dakota in 2014. Hear what our stakeholders say about the economic benefits of oil development.

A neighbor in your community

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Did you know the U.S. is on the verge of becoming a global leader of oil and natural gas production? By choosing energy, it's possible the U.S. will produce more than 100% of its fuel needs by 2024. We can choose our energy future and fuel America's economic revival, while improving our energy security. Watch the video:
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.@SenBennetCO was impressed w/ the 95% reduction in truck traffic due to our water recycling facility
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Leading the way in water management is, in part, how we demonstrate our respect for the environment. Recently, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado toured our Grand Valley Water Management Facility in Parachute. The senator was impressed with the 95% reduction in truck traffic accomplished through our water recycling efforts. Learn more about our innovative water management practices:

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Environmental Protection and Reclamation Award – Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

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